My dream has been to create one of these for the public here in Cedar City. Isn’t this fantastic?! Can you imagine a Children’s Museum built around teaching kids about the sciences: mining, aerospace, forestry, water purification, city planning, etc.?

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Gotta Git ‘er Done!

Diana on a ladder, shingling on the East side.Yep, here we are, up on the roof again.  What’s really gratifying is that, although we work every spare moment we have on the roof, the work we are doing is permanent – and we don’t have to re-do it tomorrow.  So even though it seems we don’t get very far measuring things by two hours here, and two hours there – the cumulative efforts are pleasing.The East side of the Shop

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After the Snow came…

After the Storm

Wanted to share the icicles with you. It was VERY cold here last night! And nothing melted much during the day, except on the South side of the roof. Those icicles are inside the shop. As soon as the singles are up, we know it’ll never happen again – and we can’t wait!

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Enter: Wind Storm!

Today, we wanted to do SO much, but a storm was on the way! And what do you get to feel prior to a storm?  A Storm Front.  And as it always is in Cedar City-WIND, Wind, and more wind…. Jamie made a valiant effort to save our previous labor from being blown away.  And he succeeded.  Thank you, Jamie!

YouTube Preview Image
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It flooded, again! I must admit I am thoroughly weary of the water getting INSIDE the shop! Yep, still frustrated…  “Breathe”.  I’ve had to throw away and burn nearly everything we’ve tried to protect as we’ve built this project.  Last week, it was all my winter clothes.  Rain is no respecter of boxes.  Cry

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Snow is Coming…

Preparing for the StormI think the most dreaded words in the middle of a construction project are the words – Snow. Well, maybe not, but anything that impedes the work that effectively is definitely not on the favorite list of weather patterns, ya know?  Jamie and I knew snow was on the way, per the forecast.  We know that the little we can do after work feels SO small, yet we are determined to make the storm less invasive than the last one.  So, we’ve got this little lamp, and I’ve got a flash light.  Anywhere the lamp doesn’t shine, I illuminate for Jamie.  So far, it has worked quite well.  I was just glad it was still a little warm.  I know after the storm it will be cold. Tonight, I’m grateful for small favors.

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Red-Letter Day

Just wanted to share a few photos with you.  There are many days when it isn’t just me n’ Jamie workin’ on the roof.  We have remarkable friends!  This Saturday, Brian James, Ryan Holdeman, & David Woods were the major factors in getting the work moving along quickly.  Without David, things wouldn’t be where they are.  We owe him a debt of gratitude that simply cannot be repaid.

Boy Scouts at Work

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End of October

We’ve been working awhile now, as you’ve all seen.  I just wanted to share another bunch of photos taken the 27th of this month.  We’ve had help from David Woods, Ryan Holdeman, Eric Giles, Mr. Allred, Mr. Thornton, Joseph & Emily Woods, and of course – the kids.

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Another “Crew” Day!

Not only were David Woods, Joseph & Emily Woods, Ryan Holdeman, and Curtis Weber here, most of them stayed and worked ALL day! It’s not often someone can take a whole day off to help, and this isn’t the first time this has happened.  All we can do is count our blessings.  Thank You!

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On Top of the World

I think there’s an interesting story here. James and I needed to get the osb in place. The only way we know of, when we are alone, is to tie a rope around it, and haul it up. Then, Jamie gets where he needs to be and nails it. Then, he takes the rope off, and finishes the job. I actually enjoy hauling it up on the rope. We’ll have some fun stories to tell our grandkids, that’s for sure. “When we were younger….” :0)

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